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  • 2020-2021 Board of Directors Nominations

    Nominations for open Board of Director positions will be posted on the Texas Chief Deputies Association website July 20-24 for your consideration. Voting will take place July 27-31. Results will be posted shortly afterwards.

    The Bylaws State:
    Only active members in good standing shall be entitled to vote. Retired carter members retain the right to vote. Article 2.4

    Please make sure your membership dues for 2020-21 are paid and Executive Director Rachel Vega has your correct email address. The link to the voting ballot will be sent to this address and this email will also be used for validation purposes.

    If you need to double check your email address, you may check the 2019 Member Directory. If you need to make changes, please contact Executive Director Rachel Vega at


    Sergeant at Arms

    Tommy Moore, Lamar County

    My History with the Chief Deputies Association
    I became the Chief Deputy in Lamar County on January 1, 2019. That was first year I attended the Chief Deputies Conference. After meeting several of the Chief Deputies in attendance, I quickly realized that this was something with which I wanted to be involved. I volunteered for a position on the membership committee and was chosen as co-chairman of that committee. As not only a new Chief Deputy but also a new attendee to the conference, I felt that something extra needed to be done for future new Chief Deputies attending our conference. A meet and greet for all new Chief Deputies was designed and scheduled for this year’s conference. Our idea was to help the new Chief Deputies not only meet other Chief Deputies, but also help them, and their families, navigate our conference. Sadly, we will not be able to host our first “Meet the new Chief Deputies and their families” event. My hope is that we will schedule this event for all future conferences.

    Why I have decided to pursue this position
    I have chosen to pursue this position because I feel I have more to offer the Chief Deputies Association than what I can accomplish as a committee chairman. I have an extensive background in non-profit organizations in my community. I served as Vice President and President of New Hope Center of Paris, a local transitional housing organization. For several years I served as the chairman of the government division for United Way of Lamar County, and served on the advisory board for Paris ISD explorer post.

    I feel that with my almost twenty seven years in law enforcement, serving as a Patrol Officer, Assistant Commander of a Narcotics Task Force, narcotics and violent crime Detective, Patrol Captain and now Chief Deputy, along with my experience with non profit organizations, I would be an excellent candidate for the position of Sergeant at Arms of the Texas Chief Deputies Association and would be honored to serve in that capacity.

  • Treasurer

    W. James Stewart (Jim), Brazos County

    Since being appointed as a Chief Deputy in January of 2013, I have been an active member of the TCDA. I attended my first conference in June of that year…what an eye opener it was, particularly for someone like myself who had never previously served in a Sheriff’s Office. At that conference I volunteered to work on a committee…next thing I knew I was the Chair of the newly established Benevolence Committee. Over the ensuing years, I was elected to a Director’s position, then a couple of years ago I was asked to relinquish my Director’s position and assume the role of Treasurer, which I gladly did and where I currently serve today.

    As the Treasurer, I moved from a paper based process for handling our finances to one that is done, for the most part, on line and I want to continue with that effort for one more term. And, there is still work to be done to ensure there is full transparency with our finances, not just with the Board of Directors, but for the general membership at large.

  • Secretary/Historian

    Tanner Crump, Hopkins County

    What is your history with the Texas Chief Deputies Association?
    I was first introduced to the association when I attended the conference in 2017 in Kerrville. I was impressed by the information sharing and relationship building possibilities that the organization created. I had immediate respect for the board members and the other Chiefs. I knew I wanted to serve in the organization in the near future. I have happily served as the current secretary/historian since January of this year when I was appointed by the board to serve in place of Glenn Beck who had passed away while holding the office.

    Why have you decided to pursue this position over the other open ones?
    I believe that even with my limited experience in the position I am a great candidate. I will be able to take what I know so far and the logistical details that are already in place, to execute the position at the highest level for the membership. I am willing to work with anyone and I am committed to the association. I feel that this position should be held by the same person for as long as needed and I am here for the long term. I am excited to continue serving as the secretary and look forward to meeting the needs of the board and every individual member.

  • Director (positions 2 & 4)

    Ellen Burtnett, Hale County

    My History with the Chief Deputies Association
    I am running for an open position for the Board of Directors. My history with the Chief Deputy Association is minimal at this point. I was appointed Chief Deputy approximately 2 ½ years ago. Last year I attended the Texas Chief Deputy Association Conference and officially became a member. Although my tenure with the association is short, I have proudly worked for the same department my entire career, almost 24 years. I am committed to this field and fully support my fellow officers.

    Why I have decided to pursue this position.
    I am running for this position because I want to contribute to the association while representing Sheriff Cochran in a positive manner. After attending last year’s conference, and seeing the fellowship of those who have been attending for many years, I felt this was the best way to do that.

  • Director (positions 2 & 4)

    Ronnie Jones, Bee County

    My History with the Chief Deputies Association
    I have been a Chief Deputy since 2016. I joined the TCDA in 2016 and have attended every conference since. For two years I have been on the Finance committee.

    Why I have decided to pursue this position.
    Still being relatively new at this, I am very eager to serve. I have learned much from being on the finance committee and feel that I can do more. I would like to get my feet wet with a Board of Directors position first before eventually running for Sergeant at Arms.

  • Director (positions 2 & 4)

    Doug “Tiny” Shoemate , Sterling County
    (incumbent for Director)

    My History with the Chief Deputies Association
    I have been a member of the Texas Chief Deputies Association for 9 years. I have enjoyed making new friends and family through the interactions with some of the finest law enforcement in the great state of Texas. I have served as your representative on the Board of Directors for the last two years. I would be honored to serve you for another term. I have also served as the Scholarship Committee chairperson for the last four years.

    Why I have decided to pursue this position
    I enjoy serving the association and being hands on with making sure we always have an educational, fun, and safe conference every year.

    I would appreciate your support by voting for me in this upcoming election for board of directors. Thank you!