TCDA President's Message

My Fellow Colleagues,

It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve as President of the Texas Chief Deputies Association. Over the past twelve years, I have served in various positions within the Association; Director, Secretary/Historian, 1st and 2nd Vice-President, all which have allowed me the opportunity to forge partnerships and friendships in the Law Enforcement Communities across this great state.

I am so thankful 31 years ago, our founding Chiefs realized the importance of the sharing of information and networking between Chief Deputies from across the State of Texas. From that initial meeting the Texas Chief Deputies Association as we know it today grew.

As the mentality and the intellect of the individuals who prey upon our hard working law abiding citizens has changed, so too must the mentality and intellect of our deputies. In its inception our Association was formed to share information concerning the theft of farm produce. We must maintain that same vision in the sharing of information concerning Identity thefts, computer fraud and internet based sexual predators, just to name a few. I ask you to join me as our Association strives to continue the dream of our founding Chiefs.

Our Association will be dedicating time and resources towards regional training for our members and their staff, by partnering with other agencies and individual trainers, to assure we as administrators are equipping our staff with the tools needed to aid them with a successful outcome in their duties. As the types of crimes and methods used has evolved, so to must the knowledge and training we deliver. I say we owe it to them and their families, to provide up to date and informative training which can be used in their day to day duties.

For those of you who are not members of the Texas Chiefs Deputies Association, I extend to you the right hand of fellowship, and invite you to become a member of a professional and exciting networking Association. To the members of the association, I thank you for allowing me to represent you and this outstanding Association.

Byron Lyons
TCDA President

©2017 Texas Chief Deputies Association