Melvin Drum Memorial Scholarship Instructions

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May 1, 2019
Only recipients of the scholarships will be notified prior to the June Conference.

  • Submission

    Applications and/or inquiries should be mailed to:
    Chief Deputy Doug Shoemate
    TCDA Scholarship Committee Chairman
    Sterling County Sheriff’s Office
    P.O. Box 928
    Sterling City, TX 76951
    Office: (325)378-4771

    Proof of enrollment and grades should be mailed to:
    Jim Stewart
    TCDA Treasurer
    1700 West Hwy 21
    Bryan, TX 77803

  • Criteria

    The selection criteria is as follows:

    1. Academic achievement
    2. Leadership
    3. Financial need
    4. Extracurricular activities (many applicants prefer to use a resume format)

    Scholarships are available to any son, daughter, stepson or stepdaughter of any Sheriff’s Office employee currently working for a Sheriff’s Office in the State of Texas. The scholarship is an academic scholarship for a recipient that is attending, or will be attending, an accredited college, university or trade school within the State of Texas. Academic scholarship amount is $2,000.00 with the first $1000.00 to be awarded at the conference in Kerrville for the fall semester. The second payment of $1000.00 will be awarded in January for the Spring Semester upon proof to the Scholarship Committee that the original recipient is still enrolled and has passing grades. Forward this proof to the current TCDA Treasurer, Jim Stewart, 1700 West Hwy 21, Bryan, TX 77803 or email to

    One scholarship will be in the amount of $2,000.00 and will be available to a Texas Sheriff’s Office employee attending college or a law enforcement training academy. This scholarship will be awarded in one payment at the conference in Kerrville. An example would be a Jailer employed at a Sheriff’s Office wanting to attend a law enforcement academy in order to become a licensed peace officer; or a Sheriff’s Office employee attending a college or university in pursuit of a degree.

    The required information is as follows:

    1. Texas Chief Deputies Association Application form for the Melvin Drum Memorial Scholarship.
    2. Certified copy of High School and/or College Transcript.
    3. Letter from Sheriff attesting that a parent or stepparent, of the applicant being considered, is currently employed by the Sheriff’s Office. (If Applicant is an employee, a letter stating employee status.)
    4. Letter(s) of recommendation. (i.e. community leaders, family friends, clergy, etc.)
    5. Letter from applicant, containing reasons he/she should be considered for the Melvin Drum Memorial Scholarship award.

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